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Invest your money with us or learn to invest with us. Does anyone guarantee a 100% success in trading. If you get the correct guidance, there is a high probability that you will succeed with the trade.

About the President

Michael Siegel is a former Attorney and a 50-year Veteran Trader. He got involved in the business in 1968 and in 1971, he became a member and turned floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

The Siegel Family is in it’s third (3 rd ) generation in the trading industry. Michael’s father, Irving and his
two (2) brothers, Harry and Sam and now Michael’s son Scott, and perhaps Scott’s son Noah may, when
he graduates collage, become the fourth (4 th ) generation.

Over the years the Siegel family, most notably Michael and Scott, in addition to actively trading daily, have been active investors and developers in the commercial real-estate industry. Diverse interest from all types of real-estate ownership and management including restaurants and even an IMPROV comedy club in affiliation with Bud Friedman and the Arts and Entertainment Cable Network.

When Mr. Siegel retired from the trading floor after years in the trading pits as a market maker (Really a Scalp Trader) he wanted to encourage other interested parties to learn how to make money trading from home. In furtherance of that he created The World’s Perfect Home Business when he wrote the 10 Chapter Training Manual Titled “Trading on The Edge”, the World’s Premier Traders Training Manual
Complete with Practice Materials, Testing Materials and Answer Sheets to proof your work.

Michael Siegel


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