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The Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy.

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This is your opportunity to use my Time Tested and Proven Trading Strategies to create annual returns on your invested capital anywhere from 25% to over 80% depending on which of the following strategies you choose to use: Scalp Trading*, ‘True’ Day-Trading, Inter-Day Trading, Spread Trading or Computer Executed Trading.
Think of the market as a Mother Cow and with my strategies you will know how to ’Milk Her’!
Scalp Trading
Ninety Five percent (95%) of those who try trading futures lose their money because they are doing what they call ‘Day Trading’ where you make multiple trades during the day, some buy trades and some sell trades as the market moves up and down during the day’s trading session. Calling that Day Trading is a misnomer. That is Scalp Trading which is a whole different skill set. 
When I was a floor trader in the pits at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange I was referred to as a ‘Market Maker’ or a ‘Local’ but what I was actually doing was scalping the market. That was how I made my living. When I retired from the floor and wanted to share some ‘secrets of the floor’ I wrote the course on Scalp Trading and titled it Trading On The Edge.
This is the World’s Pre Eminent Trading Advisory Service and is a 10 Chapter training manual complete with practice materials and a practice C/D for actual simulated practice before trading real funds in real time in a live market. Lots of practice.
The complete Traders Training Manual and Interactive Learning Program is priced at $3,500.00 and requires a margin deposit of $5,000.00 per contract traded. Incidentally, the price is the same price I charged sixteen (16) years ago when I first wrote the course.
‘True’ Day Trade
    Enter on the opening…….Exit on the close.
A ‘True’ Day Trade enters the market at the opening and exits during the day on a stop if elected and if not elected then the trade is exited on the close.
        Easy as that …anyone can do it!
           Requires $10,000.00 margin deposit                                     per contract traded.
           Yields an annual average ROI in excess of 25%
……  as it has for the past 10 years!
Fee …..$5,000.00
Inter-Day Trade
Enter on the opening and if not stopped out during the day          Do NOT Exit on the close. Instead continue the trade into the next day’s trading session. 
Required margin deposit
$20,000.00 per contract traded
      Yields an annual average ROI in
excess of 45%                                                             ……as it has for the past 10 years!
Computer Executed Inter-Day Trade
Required margin deposit $100,000.00
    Yields an annual average return in excess of 80%.
……as it has for the past 10 years!
No up-front Fees charged.
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