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The Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy.

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If you have been diligent in your effort to ‘take on’ the markets, but are frustrated with your results, it’s time to change to something old, time tested and proven.

When I got into the business in the early 1970’s, I was very fortunate in that while I was there, the Futures trading industry changed from what had been a purely agricultural industry to what we see today.

My good fortune was that I was there to witness what was happening as it happened!

The singular event that changed everything was when the U.S. government took Gold off the fixed-Gold Standard and let the market determine value.  

And With That, Many Industry Changes Began.

First, many new futures contracts; including currency futures, then Indexes on the stock market and all the things that we see today (that aren’t either livestock or grains) soon followed.

Second, trading went electronic, global and 24 hours per day.

Through all of this massive change in the fifty-plus years that I have been in the business, the one thing that has never changed and never will is something as ‘hokey’ sounding as The Hog-Corn-Ratio!

So, How Does It Work?

The Hog-Corn-Ratio lives-on today as the Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy, whose origins are deeply rooted in the open-outcry trading pits dating back to the mid-1850s’ when futures trading began.

This 150+ Year-Old ‘Floor Trader’s Secret,’ that was shared with me over fifty years ago, is based on the “Hog-Corn-Ratio.” Think of it, hogs and cattle eat corn. It takes ‘so-many’ bushels of corn to equal ‘so-many’ pounds on a hog or steer. The Hog, Cattle and Corn markets are inextricably linked to one another.

Let's say some news hits the market that knocks one of them out of line; for example, blight is discovered in the corn fields of the Midwest. After the initial shock, just like magnets, or an accordion, or a rubber band…I think you get the idea…they will realign.

Trading the mis-alignment and re-alignment between three related markets is called a “Trilogy Spread” and most traders have never heard of it before!

While most traders concentrate on the vertical movement of the market (either up or down), The Trilogy Spread does not. It concentrates only on the almost invisible lateral movement that takes place between the three related markets.

The Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy exploits the lateral movement between the following eMini Equity Index Futures markets: The eMini S&P (ES), the eMini Dow (YM) & the eMini NASDAQ (NQ).

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With my One-On-One Mentoring, you will finally become a successful trader and achieve the results you always thought you could…and now you can!

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