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Hello, My Name is Michael Siegel

And Now is the ‘Time for Action!'

Whether you are new to trading or are an experienced trader, you are probably frustrated with the lack of consistency in the results you have gotten from all your effort so far. Don’t give up. I can, and if you are ready, I will teach you how to trade on a consistently profitable basis, Guaranteed to put you in the World’s Perfect Business…TRADING. More importantly now you can operate your own successful home-based trading business. Think of it this way: No Employees. No Inventory. No Selling of Any Kind. No Customers. No Receivables and No Bad Debts.

Anybody who is willing to put in the time and effort can learn to trade profitably – year after year – and make a handsome living without ever stepping outside of their front door. My strategies are easy to learn and simple to execute. Anybody can do it!

The trading Strategies that I will share with you are Time Tested and Proven and depending on the strategy or strategies that you choose the average annual ROI ranges from slightly over 25%, slightly over 35%, and believe it or not, slightly over 45%. That is what trading futures is all about. High yields balanced by controlled risk. I am an experienced trader, an experienced One-On-One Mentor and have taught hundreds of students. As a sample here are a few comments that I have received.

What They Said

“Thanks to Mr. Siegel’s excellent teaching, the fantastic Trading Strategies that he has shared with me I have become a full time Professional trader since 1991. I am ever so grateful and so are my family and friends that I have referred”.  Robert N. Boston

“I cannot Thank you enough. You have changed my life. I consider myself as a bad ‘teenager’ (several times over) with a great allowance”.

Margie G. Thousand Oaks

“Trading on the Edge has allowed me to retire from my position as Bell Captain at a major downtown Chicago Hotel”.

Patrick M. Chicago

“I was pleasantly surprised that when I visit India I can trade the Hang Seng markets. I guess all markets trade similarly”.

Mahadev S. Galloway

“To anyone who cares to listen I tell that the teachings of Mr. Siegel are simple to learn and easy to execute and the results are elegant”.

Don G. Phoenix

“A good set of plans is just the beginning; after that, a person needs personal attention and guidance…a Mentor. That was how I learned to be a master carpenter and that One-On-One Mentoring that Mr. Siegel provided changed my career. I am no longer a carpenter. I trade for my living and doing great. Thanks Michael”.

Dexter W. Orlando

I have so much to share with you, but before we get started…

I would like to share with you, absolutely FREE, a series of eight (8) White Papers that I have authored in which I discuss each critical element that goes into a successful approach to the markets

 White Paper # 1:

The ABC’s of Trading will provide you with a clear and undeniable

understanding of how and why the markets move the way they do.

Part A For the beginner who is new to trading. It is a brief overview of what we do and where we do it.

Part B A basic and solid foundation of the function and structure of the markets and trading in general.

Part C You can use the floor traders’ approach to the market to become

a successful trader.

White Paper #2:

The 150-Year-Old Floor Traders Secret

The Trilogy Spread ~ The Hog-Corn-Ratio.

The foundation and backbone of consistent profitability

White Paper: # 3:

Net Positive Expectancy ~ The Secret of the Double Zero

White Paper: # 4:

The Power of Leverage

White Paper: # 5:

The Holy Grail of Trading

White Paper: # 6:

World’s Perfect Home-Based Business

White Paper: # 7:

The Magic of Margin

White Paper: # 8:


If you are interested in learning how trading works as a business; and more importantly how you can operate a successful home-based trading business, I would like to share with you, absolutely FREE, my series of eight (8) White Papers that I have authored over the years, in which I discuss each critical element that goes into a successful approach to the markets. Simply send me an e-mail to requesting the

Catalogue of White Papers.

Now, let’s get into the details!

My fifty plus (50+) year career as a trader began in 1971 when I became a member and ‘Floor Trader’ at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). At that time I was an Attorney practicing Law in Chicago when my first cousin married a very successful member and ‘Floor Trader’ at the CME who became my sponsor and mentor.                    

Most people think of futures trading as gambling. High risk looking for high rewards. Ninety Five percent (95%) of those who try trading futures lose their money because they are doing what they call ‘Day Trading’. Making multiple trades during the day, some buy trades and some sell trades as the market moves up and down during the day’s trading session. Calling that Day Trading is a Misnomer. That is Scalp Trading which is a whole different skill set and one of the more difficult styles of trading to execute consistently. Quick decisions exposes the trader to making decisions based on emotions and not a well-crafted strategy. When I retired from the ’Floor’ I wrote the training manual on Scalp Trading titled:


How the Markets Really Work and Why

A ‘True Day Trade’ on the other hand enters the market at the opening and exits during the day on a stop if elected and if not elected then the trade is exited on the close. This is one of my most successful strategies generating average annual ROI in excess of 35%!

A ‘Pure Day Trade’…..ONE TRADE PER DAY!

Futures trading, actually, is a business that can safely realize average annual returns ranging from 25% to in excess of 45% depending on the strategy traded. For those who know how to operate this business it is hugely rewarding primarily because of the Leverage that futures trading affords the trader.

I am sharing these strategies that I learned during my 50+ years in the business, both on and off the ‘floor’ and any approach to the markets that doesn’t embrace each of the elements detailed in my White Papers is doomed to failure.

So, How Does It Work?

The Hog-Corn-Ratio is a 150 yr. old floor traders secret that lives-on today as the Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy, whose origins are deeply rooted in the open-outcry trading pits dating back to the mid-1850s’ when futures trading began. This 150+ Year-Old ‘Floor Trader’s Secret,’ that was shared with me over fifty years ago, is based on the “Hog-Corn-Ratio.” Think of it, hogs and cattle eat corn. It takes ‘so-many’ bushels of corn to equal ‘so-many’ pounds on a hog or steer. The Hog, Cattle and Corn markets are inextricably linked to one another.

Let's say some news hits the market that knocks one of them out of line; for example, blight is discovered in the corn fields of the Midwest. After the initial shock, just like magnets, or an accordion that is opened wide, or a rubber band that has been stretched…

I think you get the idea…they will realign.

Trading the miss-alignment and re-alignment between three related markets is called a “Trilogy Spread”

and most traders have never heard of it before!

While most traders concentrate on the vertical movement of the market (either up or down)The Trilogy Spread does not. It concentrates only on the almost invisible lateral movement that takes place between the three related markets.

The Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy exploits the lateral movement between the following eMini Equity Index Futures markets:

The eMini S&P (ES), the eMini Dow (YM) & the eMini NASDAQ (NQ).

Men Lie……Women Lie……Numbers Don’t Lie

Being a former attorney, I know that proof is based on irrefutable facts. I can share the facts with you in the form of a Ten (10) Year Trade Station Performance Report. Trade Station Securities is the Gold Standard and Benchmark in our industry and their Performance Reports are relied on by the biggest hedge fund managers and Commodity Pool operators and are used to demonstrate a strategies performance to their high net worth investors.

If you want to see the numbers, and remember numbers don’t LIE, get in touch with me and let’s talk. I am offering to teach you how to execute my trading strategies and all it will cost you to determine if this is a good fit for you is the cost of a phone call (preferred) or a text thread (if you are shy).

With my One-On-One Mentoring, you will finally become a successful trader and achieve the results you always thought you could…and now you can finally achieve ….. Consistent Profitability!

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Mr. Siegel is a Former Attorney turned trader.  A Member and Floor Trader at both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the International Money Markets. Mr. Siegel is a 50 Year Veteran Trader and is the Developer of several Computerized Trading Systems. Mr. Siegel has lectured on trading and for the past 25 years has mentored hundreds of students on a One-On-One basis to trade successfully in the style of trading that he was taught on the floor of the exchange over 50 years ago.  Mr. Siegel has authored several books including Introduction to TradingThe Early Morning Day TradeTrading on The Edge and Money Magic.