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This Is Who I Am


The Chicago Mercantile Exchange

My Accomplishments

As president, CEO & founder of TOTE, LLC. I am the developer of several computerized trading systems.

For the past 25 years, I have mentored hundreds of students on a One-On-One basis to trade successfully, in the style that I was taught on the exchange floor over 50 years ago. I have authored several books, including Introduction to Trading, The Early Morning Day Trade, Trading on The Edge, and Money Magic.

I've trained numerous qualified investors, lectured at Investor Trader Seminars & developed multiple trading strategies...Most-Notably, "THE TRILOGY SPREAD TRADING STRATEGY".

I am a former attorney and a 50-year veteran trader. I got involved in the business in 1968 and in 1971 I became a member and turned floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

At that point in time the only futures contracts that were traded were purely agricultural products. We had Live Stock (Hogs, Cattle) at the CME and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) traded grains, most notably Corn. Just outside of downtown Chicago were the Chicago Stock Yards where live stock were railed in, sold at auction and trucked for processing.

On the trading floor there were some very successful Ranchers and Farmers and hidden in their infinite wisdom was the ‘Floor Traders Secret’ to trading futures and consistently make money doing so. That wisdom was shared with me over fifty (50) years ago was based on the wisdom of Ranchers and Farmers for over 100 years before that. So, the Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy's origins are deeply rooted in the open-outcry trading pits dating back to the mid-1850s when futures trading began.

This 150+-year-old “Floor Trader's Secret” is based on something as hokey sounding as the "Hog-Corn Ratio." Think of it, hogs and cattle eat corn. It takes so many bushels of corn to add X number of pounds to a Hog or Steer. The movement between those three markets is the heart and birthplace of the Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy. Let's say some news hits the market that knocks one of them out of line; for example, blight is discovered in the cornfields of the Midwest. After the initial shock, just like magnets, they will realign.


Trading the misalignment and re-alignment between three related markets is called a "Trilogy Spread," which most traders have never heard of before. While most traders concentrate on the vertical movement of the market (either up or down), “Trilogy Spread” does not. It concentrates only on the almost invisible lateral movement that takes place between the related markets.

Our exploitation of the lateral movement between the eMini S&P (ES), the eMini Dow (YM) & the eMini Nasdaq (NQ) markets is at the core of the “Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy”.