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“Learning How To Make Money Trading”

The “Learning How To Make Money Trading” course is divided into Two (2) Sections.

Section 1 is a broad-based Education about the Industry and Business of Trading

Section 2 will share with you the two (2) ways that you can Instantly become a Consistently Profitable Trader Making MONEY!


Section 1 represents my FIFTY (50) plus years of actual trading Experience both on the floor in the trading pits as a ‘Local’ or ‘Market Maker’ as we were called (actually Scalp Trading). When I retired from the floor I started, and still to this day, trade the Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy that was shared with me over FIFTY (50) years ago.

I have condensed into a total of eight (8) Lessons my FIFTY (50) years’ Experience which I share with you. Begin your FREE Education TODAY and it is FREE!!! Enroll HERE

Section 2 offers Two (2) Options on how you can Make Money Trading and become a Consistently Profitable Trader which should be your Only Purpose in learning how to trade.

It’s all about the money!!!

Option A: Scalp Trading on the ‘EDGE’ is the difference between ‘Day Trading’ & ‘Scalp Trading’? Learn more
Option B: Trilogy Spread The Trilogy Spread Trading Strategy‘ A 150-Year-Old Floor Traders Secret’ Learn more


Our goal is Consistent Profitability for all of our students. The amount of TIME that you have available, the Resources that you have available and Your Goals will help you define the Type of Trader
You Can Become.
Anyone can become a Consistently Profitable trader! Guaranteed!!! So, let’s get started.

There are Two (2) Types of Traders:
Scalp Traders
Trilogy Spread Traders

Scalp Trader:

Most Wannabe traders make multiple trades during the day, some Buys and some Sells, and refer to their style as “Day Trading”, but that is a misnomer. That is actually Scalp Trading which is a very effective method of trading for a number of reasons if you know how!

To learn about Scalp Trading

Trilogy Spread Traders

Day Trader:

Trilogy Spread Style
The “Real Day Trade” enters the market at the opening and exits the trade at the close. No trade taken over night. One trade per day!

Inter-Day Trader

Trilogy Spread Style
Enter the market at the opening and do not exit on the close, but rather re-asses the direction of the trade on the next day’s opening and either stay in the trade or move your position to another of the Trilogy of markets as the daily calculation directs.

Spread Trader

Trilogy Spread Style
Simultaneously trading Two (2) or all Three (3) of the trilogies of markets. Buying Two (2) and Selling One (1) as the daily Trilogy calculation directs.

To learn about The Trilogy Spread Trading Style Click Here